b. 1986, HK.

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Currently I am a full-time educator at a non-public school teaching Photography and Fine Art.

Politically and socially driven, I often create work as a response to issues of abuse, inequality, and sexism that I combine with aesthetic design and technology. By investigating and incorporating artistic tools and skills, I create work that is not just appealing but also compelling enough to create a conversation. I see my work on two different levels: the exterior, which show both traditional and inventive design, and the interior, which carries the message that I am trying to share. As a woman in today’s society, I have many views and questions about contemporary politics and what it is like to exist in connection and opposition of the male gender. These issues are what I wish to further explore and research within my practice.

My belief is that it is important to question the inequality that exists in relation to the power that impacts those who are marginalized. By using performance and my own body, I can express the personal ties I have to the content that I focus on in my work. I strive to use these personal ties as fuel to inspire the viewer to question their relation to the topic, and how they can disrupt the current modes of thinking. By employing found imagery along with my own footage in my work, I try critique popular culture. Using my video Forced To Watched as an example, I respond to the views of women or associations to women relating to the body and the voyeurism that is enhanced by the media. Overall, I use my work as a way to answer my own questions about topics that I am interested in, and hopefully simultaneously providing the viewer with content that can create meaningful dialogue.