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So Splash On In

So Splash On In, Digital Video, 2017

****TRIGGER WARNING**** This video my trigger memories of assault or abuse, please DO NOT watch or listen to this video if you think you could be triggered by any of its content.

So Splash On In is my response to a law that North Carolina has that states that “no” does not always mean “no” when it comes to sexual consent. Being a victim of sexual abuse myself and having North Carolina as a second home, this law struck me as horrific and appalling. This video visually expresses my feelings towards how I see the stories of the victims of assault getting washed away literally by the judicial system and metaphorically on the beaches of North Carolina that are prized and cherished. The audio is meant to be unsettling because this law is unsettling and I wanted to create one example of something that auditorily expresses an event that happens every 98 seconds in American, according to RAINN. The final clip of the video is a jarring transition to an ironic ad to visit North Carolina.